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Today were going to give you a very short post but we found some really interesting YouTube videos that we think might help you with some of your English studying. The first couple of videos are what I would call every day English study. It’s not specific to any test but listening to them during your lunch break was certainly help. The next couple of videos will be more specific to the IELTS test and the TOEIC test. If you have any questions or comments about these YouTube videos please write us a comment down at the bottom. I know a lot of our readers are very busy people and writing a comment can seem to take a long time but really when you think about it it’s only to three minutes and it makes us feel so much better to know that people are reading and when you comment it really makes everything worthwhile so please give us two or three minutes of your time and simply write your opinion of the you to videos that were posting today.

福山市 英会話教室 スクールGOODWIN

福山市 英会話教室 スクール 



These first couple of videos are from a teacher in Japan who made these videos for his students. Says he is from the city of Fukuyama and he has his own school there. For one person making these videos the video production seems pretty good and the teachers English is generally easy to understand. Take a look.

Intro to TOEIC

TOEIC Test #1

TOEIC Test #2

Here are a couple of TOEIC videos that we have found to be very popular with some of our readers that we found on YouTube. A couple of them are practice questions and practice test and a couple others are just general advice and recommendations on how to take the TOEIC test and how to study for.


Our last couple of videos are going to be about the IELTS test. Most of the teachers in these videos are from Britain so if you’re used to in American or Canadian style of speaking it might be a little difficult to understand and beginning. But don’t worry, after watching couple videos you will soon get used to that manner of speaking. And if you’re going to take this test than it is absolutely essential that you do come accustomed to the British style of speaking and the British accent and pronunciation. Good luck.

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