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However one today were going to take a look at some of the minor test that some people take. Today were going to look at the SAT. The SAT test is actually a test for native English speakers. Particularly Americans. American high school students use this test to show prospective universities in college how well they might do if they enter that college. The reason were putting it here is because that many worldwide English students who take the TOEFL tests also find themselves taking the SAT test as well. The for most of you the SAT test will be very difficult and generally easy at the same time. The SAT test has amassed section and a reading section. The math section really is not that difficult if you understand your math. The English in the mass sections very little so by looking at the question or the diagrams I think that you will quickly understand what the question wants from you. Whether you can answer it or not depends on your math skills.


Now the reading section is a whole other story. These can absolutely be difficult for foreign students. But if you have already studied for the TOEIC test or the TOEFL test then you’ve got a very good head start for the SAT test. Of course you will have to do some specialized studying for the SAT test but it’s not going to be two different from what you’ve done before on the TOEFL or TOEIC test. This have to do more of it with different vocabulary words in different short reading passages.


Below are a couple of different SAT test materials that we have gathered over the years from the Internet. Now most of these websites are written in English so you might have to do a little translating yourself to find what you want but it’s still good study. Click on some the links below to check out all the free materials concerning the SAT.

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