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Hello everyone today were going to take a look at some various free TOEFL study materials that you can find online. Now there is so much information online about the TOEFL test. It really is a very popular test. It is also very difficult test that is why there are so many study guides online for you to use. I guess if it is an easy test you really wouldn’t need to many textbooks or study guides to use.

As with the TOEIC test your first step when studying for the TOEFL test should be to take a sample practice test. You absolutely need to know where your score or level is right now. That way later on you can measure how successful you are improving your score. Without this you really don’t know how well the textbook or the online guide is helping you improve your score. So go to the library, or maybe a room in your house that you won’t be disturbed in, take your phone off the hook, disconnect your Internet and turn off your TV so you’re not distracted and find two hours in the day for you to sit down and finish a full-length sample test.

Once you have finished that full-length tests you need to start looking at the different sections of the test and understand which sections you did well on and which sections you did not do well. Maybe you did better on the reading sections than the listening sections. Maybe the writing section was very difficult for you. Maybe the speaking part was very. But the important thing is to understand your strengths and weaknesses that way you can take care to fix the weaknesses and not spend too much time on your strengths. There’s no point in improving the skills that you have that are already good enough. We really want to focus on improving our weakness.

Three websites below have a lot of information on the TOEFL test. There are a couple of practice questions and sample test as well. If you have the time I suggest that you go through those websites thoroughly and soak up as much information as you can about the TOEFL test.

If you enjoyed any of the links below or if you have any comments at all about the links or perhaps about the TOEFL test in general please leave us a comment below. We said a lot but we really do appreciate any comments that you have. It makes us feel like all of the work were doing in this website is worthwhile. So make sure to leave a comment and good luck with the practice questions.

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