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Today’s post is going to focus on some free TOEIC study materials that we have found online. You’ll soon find these links in the “the best” page because we found them so useful. Today’s links are going to be from Goodwin This is a popular website that is used by many people who are studying for the TOEIC test. They also have a very good forum that you can sign up for. In the forum you can ask any English related or TOEIC related questions I you want and a professional English teacher will help you or other students with more experience will help you.


Now Goodwin is actually a paid membership service. After they $29 a month to get access to many of the courses in lessons. But they also offer a lot of free materials in their free trial. Here you’ll find some vocabulary lessons, couple of video lessons and most importantly they have a free full-length online TOEIC test that you can take to measure your TOEIC score now. It’s a great way to get started studying for the TOEIC test. You really need to know where you are now and then after you study for a month or two months you can take another test and compare the scores that you got from the beginning test and the later test. By looking at the questions that you get right and wrong you can also understand what sections of the test you need to study more for an you need to improve for.

That we have found a lot of sample test online but we have yet to find any full-length free test. Most of the sample test on other websites are only 20 to 30 questions long. Here you can take the entire 200 question test for free. Also if you have time take a look at some of the other lessons. The vocabulary and a very simple but super helpful. And as anyone who has taken the TOEIC test knows that the reading section generally takes more time to prepare for. Because of that you really need to start early improving your vocabulary skills and simply the amount of business related words that you know. These will come up very often on the last three sections of the test.

The full-length tests you can take for free without signing up to the free trial lesson. But if you want to try some of the other video lessons or skill building lessons or vocabulary lessons that are available in the free trial you will have to complete the trial registry. Is very simple just put in your name and your email address and you will get an email giving you your username and password. Then you can use that to sign him and take a look at all of the different lessons available in the free trial section. Of course if you like the lessons then go ahead and purchase the membership and you can get hundreds of hours of different study material, video lessons and so much more. Also I highly recommend that you sign up to the forum because it can be really helpful to have a professional TOEIC teacher answer any questions that you might have about the test. It’s also great practice to write your questions in English.

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