Motivation for Studying

Today were going to take a different turn and instead of talking about various study materials that you can find we are going to talk about how to stay motivated when studying for the various English test. Motivation is a very important factor in your studies. One common feature of many students who study for different test is that they are always very motivated in the beginning but as time goes by they slowly lose her motivation. There are a couple of ways to stay motivated during the to three or four months of study.


First, try not to do too much too fast. So may people are very motivated in the beginning and they tried to over study. They study for five hours or six hours a day. Every day they do this. This is an easy way to burn out. Burnout means to do something too much and then lose interest in it. In fact, what you want to do is the opposite. You want to start slow and then slowly increase the amount that you study week by week. So maybe the first wiki only study one hour a day for five days. It’s important to take off days so that you can relax without thinking about English. Then maybe the next week or the next month increase that one hour a day to two hours a day. If you feel okay and you think you can do little more then the next week or the next month increase in a little more. Try to and a half hours a day. Eventually you will find an amount of time that you just can’t concentrate for. It’s just too much. So then take out 30 minutes and then use that as your default time.

It’s also important to take breaks. Everyone’s a little different but I like to take a 15 minute break for every hour that I study. I like to stand often walk around to get my blood flowing. I like to do some stretches. And then sometimes I’ll watch the video on YouTube or read some news on the Internet. The important thing is to get out of your chair and relax for a little bit.

Another good idea is to write all of the goals that you want to achieve on a piece of paper. You can even take a picture that you like and use that. For example I always wanted a very nice house. One day when is looking through a magazine I saw this advertisement with my dream house in. I cut out that page I put it up on my wall. So every time that I would get a little lazy or I lose motivation I would look at that picture and remember the reason that I was studying so hard. I wanted that house. And by not studying or being lazy I was not going to get. You can do this too. Maybe your family motivates you so you can put up pictures of your wife or husband and children near your computer. Maybe you want a better life so you can put up some pictures of things that you would like in the future. The basic idea is to take the things that motivate you to study and put up reminders of them around where you study.

The last thing will talk about his mistakes. Of course there will always be times when you study a lot but you just don’t seem to be making any improvement. Sometimes even think you’re getting worse. You studied for two weeks and your TOEIC score has not increased at all. This is okay. This happens a lot. The most important thing is not to get frustrated. If you continue studying you will improve. It’s almost guaranteed. So when that does happen you have to take a step back and relax and think this is normal, I just have to keep studying break through this and I will continue to improve.

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