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In today’s post I want to talk to you about a friend of mines English school. I have a friend who lives in Fukuyama Japan. He is an American who has been there for close to 15 years. He is been teaching English all of that time. About 13 years ago he decided to create his own English school. In Japan English schools are called Eikaiwa. He has been successfully teaching kids and adults of all types through his school. This post is going to talk a little bit about what it takes to create a good English school.


Throughout the world and especially Asia and Japan English schools have become very popular. These English schools cater towards teaching children classes, adult classes, and various companies and businesses. The competition is fierce. You have competition from other English schools. You have competition from individual English teachers who are teaching out of cafés and restaurants. And you have competition from various online courses that teach English. It is a very difficult business.

The key when teaching kids is to understand their motivation. Most parents want their children to learn English because they believed that it will help them in the future. They also believe that it will help them at their school. Most schools have English classes where they study English grammar and vocabulary every day. But at the schools they do not teach English conversation very often. That is why many parents will take their children to English conversation school. In my friends case many parents take their children to his eikaiwa, which literally means English conversation.


Adults also have their own motivations. Some students are simply looking for a hobby. They want to meet some friends, study something new, and perhaps in the future take it more seriously. These types of students are looking to have fun. Another type of student is when they take the study a little more seriously. The students often need English to succeed in their workplace. To perhaps take some kind of English test. Or to help them enter some kind of higher learning institutions. The last type of adult student is someone who is working at a company or business and they require some kind of English ability in order to do their job. Sometimes the students are studying English on their own volition. Other times the students are being forced to study English by their bosses or supervisors.

Of course operating in English school can be difficult. It can be difficult because teaching is not an easy thing to do. You have to think about the different personalities of each student you have to think about the different curriculum, you have to think about the different textbooks to use and the list goes on and on. But you also have to think of the business side of the English school. This is also very difficult. You have to think about advertising, and marketing. You have to think about how to get your students to re-sign the contract. You have to think about managing different teachers and staff. So in a way the English school owner is himself a student as well. They are always learning about the business of schools and English teaching.

Ellis go back and take a look at my friend who is operating his school in Fukuyama. Japan was one of the first countries to really start studying English conversation and English in general. My friends school is in the city of Fukuyama which is in Hiroshima Prefecture. Fukuyama is a fairly large city of around 500,000 people. This gives my friend a decent size market to try and find students from. But Fukuyama is not overly large. Which means that my friend school has to be able to teach all kinds of different students. They cannot focus on only adults or only children. They have to be open to pretty much any type of lesson or class. One of the keys to having a successful English school is to have a good website. Without website will be very difficult find new students. As today most students will find their English school or English teacher to the Internet. The people of Fukuyama are no different. They will go to their computer and then they will type in Fukuyama English school or more likely they will type in Japanese 福山市英会話. hen this will then show them a page of results. If you are website is not on that first page and more than likely the students will not contacted. So is absolutely essential to get your website on the first page. There are various ways to do this and as we art education website we will not go into it but it is important to remember that a website is absolutely key to your success as English school owner.

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