English Tests

There are three major English tests in the world right now. The TOEIC, the TOEFL, and the IELTS. Of course there are many other minor English tests as well and we will also go over those. Right now are going to take a look at the three major tests.

the TOEIC test has been around for a long time and it is a very popular test with around 11 million people taking the test worldwide every year. The TOEIC test has 200 questions to it. It has four different listening sections for a total of 100 listening questions. It has three reading sections for a total of 100 reading questions. The test last a little over two hours. Most people who take the tests are businessman or University students. It is mostly recognized that the TOEIC test is a good measure of your ability to use English in a business or workplace environment. Some universities do use the TOEIC test to measure the student English skills but the main focus of the TOEIC test is business. If you are businessman looking to show your company how well you can speak English this is the test for you. It’s also very good to put on your resume as well. The test will give you a score from 0 to 990 points. It depends on the country and the company that you are trying to enter but generally anything over 500 points is good. Anything over 800 points and you can work in English related job or position. Anything over 900 points and you’re getting close to translator or interpreter levels.

the TOEFL tests is actually more popular than the TOEIC test. They are created by the same company, ETS. The TOEFL test is mainly used as a measure of prospective University students English ability. Basically if you want to go to a university in America or Canada or even other countries you can take the TOEFL test to show those universities how well you can handle a school or university environment. The TOEFL test is generally thought to be more difficult than the TOEIC test. But these two test measure slightly different skills. As previously mentioned the TOEIC test measures business English and your ability to perform in a business situation. The TOEFL test measures your ability to perform in a university or college setting. So there is much less business terms or business words.

this test is very similar to the TOEFL test in that it is mainly used by prospective University students. Where the TOEFL test is more popular in America and Canada the IELTS test is very popular in the EU and especially Commonwealth countries such as Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India. If you are University student and you want to enter University in one of those countries the IELTS is probably your best bet.
Minor tests
there are hundreds of lesser-known minor test out there in the world. Very often these tests are created by that country’s government. If you are in that country or looking for a job in those particular countries then it certainly would not hurt to take these tests but in all honesty they are not recognized worldwide in any shape or form. Often these test are created by non-native English speakers and then edited by native English speakers. So what you get is a test that is technically not incorrect but certainly uses English in ways that a native speaker might not. Basically it’s a way for the government to control standardized test in its own country. You also see slight propaganda in these tests about that particular country or its people.